BM186 - painting on 38"x82" wood panel
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a poet's delicate death
swains in posture of Amore with Lady Harlequin

his nose and eyes with baby blue light
her butterfly lemon lips, his colour bright
entwined the body parts to be of one
to be of two, and three

pretending other than what it seems to be
...or supposed to be

a phoenix's bosom of precious stones
a devil's diamond - Tiffany fiery light
a firefly's flight through a foggy April night
a liquid aura of an acrobat
with its magical twirling lust for life
o realm that brooks no fellow
king or queen in thee
his solemn sleep - umbuing wand he held in air
her vibrant dreams, wild raven's hair

steam rises to the heavens...

poet's preaching
the chorus rhyming
Dimietrious praying in D minor
the wing God Mercury, bidding good cheer
while an artist projects a portraiture
of a make believe Angel's wing
in theatre

the dimming medley of souls infused
a celebrated contour dance
fragmented impressions of a life's paradox
a delicacy for love

(adieu) a farewell compliment...

PO BOX 11860

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